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Months in the Shire Calendar
  1. Afteryule (January)
  2. Solmath (February)
  3. Rethe (March)
  4. Astron (April)
  5. Thrimidge (May)
  6. Forelithe (June)
  7. Afterlithe (July)
  8. Wedmath (August)
  9. Halimath (September)
  10. Winterfilth (October)
  11. Blotmath (November)
  12. Foreyule (December)

Afterlithe or Mede in Bree, was the seventh month of the Shire Calendar, following, as its name suggests, the midsummer feastdays of Lithe, and approximately equivalent to modern July. It ran from modern 24 June to 23 July in a normal year.

The Quenya name was Cermië, and the Sindarin name - used by the Dúnedain - was Cerveth.


Afterlithe was named for its occurrence after the holiday of Lithe. (See Forelithe) The name corresponds to the Old English name for July, æftera Líða, or "after Litha."

Mede, means "meadow".[1]


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