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Biographical Information
PositionKing of Arthedain
BirthT.A. 1391
RuleT.A. 1409 - 1589
DeathT.A. 1589, aged 198 years
ParentageArveleg I
ChildrenArgeleb II
Physical Description

Araphor (T.A. 1391[1] - 1589,[2] died aged 198) was the ninth king of Arthedain, succeeding his father, Arveleg I, upon his death in 1409.


Araphor was only eighteen years old when he came to the throne of Arthedain because his father was killed in battle in the defence of Amon Sûl. Although young, Araphor was valiant and he avenged his father by repelling the enemy from Fornost and the North Downs with the aid of Círdan of Lindon. The remnant faithful of the Dúnedain in Cardolan also helped repel the enemy from the Tyrn Gorthad, or took refuge in the forest behind.

It was during the wars with Angmar, and the reign of Araphor, that the Stoors living in the Angle (between the rivers Hoarwell and Loudwater) continued to move west and south away from Rhudaur out of dread. Some of the Stoors went back over the Misty Mountains to dwell beside the Gladden become the fisherfolk from which Sméagol and Déagol descended.[3]

Also during Araphor's rule, there were many problems in Gondor including the Kin-strife, the burning of Osgiliath (and the loss of its palantír), and wars with the people of Harad and Umbar.[4]

Araphor ruled for 180 years - the second-longest ruler of the Northern Line (after Valandil) - and was succeeded by his son, Argeleb II, upon his death in 1589.[2]


Araphor's name is Sindarin for "Royal Fist" from ar meaning "royal", and paur meaning "fist" (compare with Celebrimbor). This could be a reference to Araphor's valiance.


Arveleg I
Argeleb II


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Preceded by:
Arveleg I
9th King of Arthedain
T.A. 1409 - 1589
Followed by:
Argeleb II