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Balrog (French band)

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Background Information
GenreBlack Metal
Years active1999-present
Label(s)Holy Records
Current membersSébastien Tuvi

France's Balrog is a one-man black metal band that makes use of more musicians in live performances. It is one of the several bands with the name Balrog.


[edit] Discography

  • 2001: "Kill Yourself"
  • 2006: "Bestial Satanic Terror"
  • 2007: "Ars Talionis - The Art of Retaliation"

[edit] Members

  • Balrog (Sébastien Tuvi) - Guitar, Vocals

[edit] Live line-up

  • Kac'Hadell - Guitar
  • Neamt - Bass
  • Sorath (Gaël Barthélemy) - Drums

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