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On their long journey to [[Erebor]], [[Thorin]] and his companions were captured by [[Wood-elves]] as they neared the eastern edge of [[Mirkwood]], and imprisoned in their halls. It was [[Bilbo Baggins]] who engineered their escape, concealing them in barrels that the [[Elves]] unknowingly released into the [[Forest River]], which then carried them down to the [[Long Lake]]. Wearing his [[One Ring|Magic Ring]], [[Bilbo]] himself clung to one of the barrels, and so made his way with the [[Dwarves]] to [[Lake-town]].
#REDIRECT [[Bilbo Baggins]]
Some weeks later, [[Bilbo]] found himself confronted by the Dragon [[Smaug]], and needing to distract the great Dragon, he invented a series of riddling names and titles for himself, including 'Barrel-rider' from his adventures on the river. The name 'Barrel-rider' seemed harmless at the time, but it was actually the trigger for the great events that followed. [[Smaug]] immediately saw the connection between barrels and the Lake, and it caused him to attack [[Lake-town]], an act which gave [[Bard]] the chance to destroy the Dragon. So, if [[Bilbo]] had never called himself 'Barrel-rider', [[Smaug]] might still have held the [[Lonely Mountain]] at the time of the [[War of the Ring]].
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