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Catherine Karina Chmiel

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Katarzyna Karina Chmiel-Guglska
Biographical information

Katarzyna Karina Chmiel-Guglska is a Polish artist and illustrator. At university, she studied philosophy and art. Chmiel is a member of the Polish Tolkien Society. Her essays and artwork have appeared in the Society's almanac, Aiglos, and in the journal Other Minds. She has also provided concept art for Born of Hope.


  • 2004: Aiglos #1
    • "London exhibition The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy" (review)
  • 2005: Aiglos #4
    • "10000 Costumes for the Actors Under the Sky, 6000 Costumes for the Extras in Their Palaces of Stone"
    • "A Few Words About Fanfiction"
  • 2005: Aiglos Special Issue
    • "Reflections on Good in Tolkien's Legendarium"
    • "The Dispossessed" (fan fiction)
  • 2006: Aiglos #5
    • "Reflections on the Good in Tolkien's Legendarium" (re-run)
  • 2006: Aiglos #6
    • "The Trial of Maeglin"
  • 2007: Aiglos #7
    • "Atar" (fan fiction)
  • 2007: Aiglos #8
    • "The Man Who Was Fortunate Neither In Hairdos Nor In Happy Ends"
  • 2008: Aiglos #9
    • "Three Elves in a Boat, to Say Nothing of Huan"
  • 2008: Aiglos #10
    • "The Act of Mercy" (fan fiction)
    • "The Whole Truth About Amon Hen" (fan fiction)

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