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Chance Thomas is a composer and producer of original music for video games. He has been Sierra Online's music director as well as Electronic Arts', and has as such worked on many Tolkien games. In 1998 he was hired to compose the music for Middle-earth Online, a project that would eventually become The Lord of the Rings Online.



"Certainly being connected to Lord of the Rings didn't hurt my situation, but that doesn't explain why game music from other similar high profile titles never finds an audience. For that matter, the excellent work done by Brad Spear, who composed the beautiful, rich score for The Fellowship of the Ring game, never found this kind of audience, nor has the recent award-winning soundtrack from The Hobbit. So it's more than just an attractive franchise and a cool soundtrack. It's a formula I've been working on since my early days as Senior Music Director at Sierra Online."
― Chance Thomas, GIGnews interview
"As for me, my official credit reads: 'Live Orchestral and Choral Music by Chance Thomas'. Funny story, there was actually a mix-up with my credit in the printed booklet. A friend called me a couple of weeks ago and said, 'Hey, what gives? They've got you listed in some obscure place, like next to extra appreciation for Crispy Cream Donuts.' I actually don't mind close proximity to donuts. But Turbine tells me it's all been corrected now in their online credit list."
― Chance Thomas, IGN Music interview

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