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General Information
LocationBetween Sirion and Mindeb, south of Crissaegrim

Dimbar was an empty land in Beleriand that formed a wedge between the Sirion and the Forest of Brethil in the west and the Mindeb and Neldoreth in the east. The main road, which crossed the Sirion at Brithiach, cut Dimbar in half, as the land reached on to the vales og the Crissaegrim.

Dimbar plays no great role in any tales, only a marginal one.

During a battle with orcs, Huor and Húrin, at a very young age, became lost and desperate in a mist on Dimbar. They were found by Thorondor, and would be the first mortals to see Gondolin.

During the life of Túrin Turambar, Dimbar was overrun by Orcs, and Beleg Strongbow would lead raids against them.