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Dor Daedeloth

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Dor Daedeloth was the land of Morgoth.


Dor Daedeloth lay around the fortress of Angband and on both sides of the Ered Engrin. It was here that the Orcs and other creatures of Morgoth lived and bred.[1]

The march of the Noldor in early First Age was halted there, when Fëanor was mortally wounded by Balrogs. The Noldor then encircled the land (at least in the south), starting the Siege of Angband.[1]

Dor Daedeloth lay north of Ard-galen, the great grassy plain north of Beleriand.


In the published Silmarillion, the name Dor Daedeloth is translated as "Land of the Shadow of Horror".[2]


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