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Durin's Tower

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Durin's Tower was the tower upon the Silvertine. It was built by the Dwarves in ancient times on the peak of the Silvertine, which they called Zirakzigil - one of the three Mountains of Moria under which lay the realm of Khazad-dum. The tower was carved out of the living rock of the mountain and stood upon a high eyrie. The Endless Stair led to the tower from the foundations of the mountain.[1]

By the end of the Third Age, Durin's Tower had long been lost. Some Dwarves believed it had been destroyed, while others thought it was only a legend. On 23 January T.A. 3019, Gandalf and the Balrog climbed the Endless Stair to Durin's Tower. Upon the Silvertine they fought until Gandalf defeated the Balrog two days later.[2] During the battle, the tower was destroyed and the entrance to the stair was blocked.[1]


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