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General Information
LocationEastern Rohan
InhabitantsMen (Rohirrim)

Eastfold was a part of the realm of Rohan. Bounded by the Mering Stream, the Entwash and Snowbourn River at the west, it was near the location of the city of Edoras, and bordered Westfold. Eastfold laid to the west of Anórien in Gondor.[1]

A similar name, the East Dales, are mentioned when it is told how the Rohirrim who had fallen in the Battle of the Hornburg were buried in two mounds; "those of the Westfold in one and those from the East Dales in another."[2] It has been suggested that the name is obviously a synonym for Eastfold.[3] The term East Dales perhaps referred to the northern slopes and valleys of the White Mountains east of the Folde.[source?]


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