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Eldar (singular Elda) was the name given to the Elves (and the term West Elves may also apply to these kindred) by the Vala Oromë when he first found them wandering in the starlight of Cuiviénen. At first, the name was applied to all Elves, but after the summons of the Valar, it came to be used only of the peoples who followed the summons and began the Great Journey.

The Three Kindreds of the Eldar were the Vanyar, the Noldor and the Teleri. All of the Vanyar and Noldor went to Aman, though many of the Noldor later returned to Middle-earth with Fëanor.

Many of the Teleri also journeyed to Valinor, but twice a host of this people turned away from the Journey in Middle-earth; these two kindreds are called Úmanyar, the Eldar not of Aman. The first of these were the Nandor, who turned aside east of the Misty Mountains, and travelled down the River Anduin. The second, the Sindar, tarried in Beleriand seeking their lord, Elwë Singollo.



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Eldar is both a common Hebrew name meaning "god resides" and a rare Norse first name meaning "Fire Warrior" (Eld and Harjar).

Tolkien notes the accidental similarity to the word "Elder" (as in "Elder Folk" or "Elder Days") and that it is unrelated to English and therefore should not be any attempt to imitate it.[1]

In popular usage

The name "Eldar" has been used for Elven-like races in later fiction. Eldar is a humanoid being, descendant of an ancient interstellar Empire in the Warhammer 40K universe. Eldar is also a race of Elves in the Midkemia cycle by Raymond E. Feist.

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