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Exeter College Smoker (1913)

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|title=Exeter College Smoker
|title=Exeter College Smoker
|image=[[Image:apollonius_tyre.gif|200 px]]
|image=[[Image:exeter.gif|200 px]]
|author=Editor unknown
|author=Editor unknown
|publisher=Oxford: The Stapeldon Society(?)
|publisher=Oxford: The Stapeldon Society(?)

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Exeter College Smoker
AuthorEditor unknown
PublisherOxford: The Stapeldon Society(?)
Released19 November 1913

Exeter College Smoker is a programme for a college concert, featuring a cover illustration by J.R.R. Tolkien.

The illustration was reprinted in The Tolkien Family Album (1992) and Tolkien: Life and Legend (1992).