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Far Downs

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Far Downs
General Information
LocationCentral Eriador, west of the White Downs east of the Tower Hills
DescriptionA hilly region where the Hobbit town of Greenholm was located
The Shire
InhabitantsElves, Men, then Hobbits

The Far Downs were the downlands that marked the western borders of the Shire, forty leagues (120 miles) west from the Brandywine Bridge.[1] Of their geography almost nothing is known, except that the town of Greenholm seems to have been built among the Downs. It was from here that Fastred of Greenholm came, the first Warden of Westmarch that lay between the Far Downs and, still further westward, the Tower Hills.[2]


In Ballantine Books' paperback edition of The Fellowship of the Ring there was a misprint in the Prologue that incorrectly named the Far Downs as the "Fox Downs".[3]


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