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The Tolkien Society Forodrim was founded in Sweden in 1972 and is one of the oldest Tolkien fan organizations.

The Society has/had an especially active group interested in Tolkienian linguistics, Mellonath Daeron. The Forodrim also supports/supported the publication of Arda.

Forodrim is Sindarin for "People of the North".


Members of Note

Costumes & Hierarchy & Heraldry

Forodrim is a unique Tolkien society in that has a hierarchical feudal membership structure whereby membership duration and involvement provides for a higher level. In addition, Forodrim requires members to appear in medieval / Middle-earth attire at events. Forodrim also has a strong focus on Middle-earth heraldry.


As at 2011, Forodrim has a number of guilds:

  • Mellonath Daeron, the guild of languages
  • Mellonath Gobennas, the guild of history
  • Mellonath Dineth, the guild of dance


Cerin Erain is the Uppsala chapter of Forodrim.


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