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Although I have perused Fonstad's maps I was thinking that the route of the Fellowship is very complex. I thought that what is missing is an animation which shows the siultaneous movement of all the characters throughout Middle-earth.

This animation could be of course an animated GIF if TG is to host and use it.

I am willing to do this myself but question is, which software to use? The obvious solution would be Adobe Flash but I was thinking about something free, simpler and less professional. Of course I expect a timeline-like interface where one can put the icons according to each key (day?) and then allow the program to "tween" it.

Are you aware of any such software? Sage 00:41, 21 November 2012 (UTC)

Try GMAX. Free, and allows 3D animation. Since you want it 2D, create a box with the dimensions of your map, and apply the map as bitmap texture. Top down view, and create an object (like a sphere) that will show the journey. You have 100 key frames. Very simple animation.