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I have noticed that the length of the Valian Year, in articles about the characters who were born before the rising of the Sun, is given as 9.58 solar years, although Tolkien seems to have settled it at 144 solar years in his latter writings.

Why is that so? Should we then give both alternatives or leave it vague? Or is this site intent on giving the former figure? Woolly Mammoth 14:59, 5 June 2015 (UTC)

I believe leaving it vague would create definite confusion for the readers. State both, and explain why there are two different lengths. I think 144 would be more accurate though, since it is the one Tolkien went with, and Tolkien is the author of everything Tolkien. Arya

Also, just rereading this, were his writings on the 9.58 solar year ever in print, or on the rough draft only? I doubt that John would leave both options available. Did he do anything that might appear to cross out one or the other? Arya