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Great Eagle

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Great Eagle
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Biographical Information
Other namesLord of the Eagles
Physical Description

The Great Eagle was the Lord of the Eagles in the Third Age and perhaps a descendant of Thorondor.

He resided in the eyrie of the Misty Mountains with 15 chieftains, and remembered helping Dwarves in his service.

Once he suffered from a poisoned wound, and was healed by Gandalf and thenceforth they became friends.

During the Quest for Erebor, they saved Thorin and Company as they flew from the Goblin-town and brought them to the eyrie;[1] later they played a crucial role in the Battle of the Five Armies (T.A. 2941).[2] After this he became King of All Birds and wore a golden crown.[3]


It is often thought that the Great Eagle is the same individual as Gwaihir. Among several points which separate the two, the Great Eagle is mentioned to wear a crown after The Hobbit but no crown is mentioned with Gwaihir in The Lord of the Rings.


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