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"The staff. . . may be more than a prop for age. . . Yet in doubt a man of worth will trust to his own wisdom"
The King of the Golden Hall, The Lord of the Rings

Háma was the doorward of Théoden and captain of the King's guard of Rohan. He is shown as a loyal and devoted man, though he often anticipates his orders.

He is first met in the tale of The Lord of the Rings when he, against his orders, permits Gandalf to carry his staff into Meduseld. It was at this time that he spoke the above quote. This marked the beginning of his trust and respect for Gandalf, though he was later reprimanded by Théoden, and temporarily removed from his position as doorward, despite the service he rendered. Then the King ordered him to bring forth Éomer, who was in custody. Háma not only released him, but armed him.

Later Háma suggested that the King leave Éowyn as steward in Edoras. Later, he encouraged soldiers who doubted Gandalf's return: ". . . but for myself, I will wait until I see Gandalf again".

He fell in the Battle of the Hornburg before the Gate during the War of the Ring.He was also given the honour of being buried in a grave of his own under the shadow of the Hornburg. Despite his annoyance with his doorward, Théoden obviously had an affection for Háma, and grieved at his fall, so much so that that he personally cast first earth on his grave.

His name in Old English literally means cricket.