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Haudh in Gwanûr

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Haudh in Gwanûr was the burial mound of Folcred and Fastred, erected at their death in T.A. 2885.


Folcred and Fastred, the twin sons of King Folcwine of Rohan, had come South to answer the Oath of Eorl. They fought the Haradrim alongside the Gondorians, but were slain on the banks of the Poros.

They were laid to rest according to the tradition of the Rohirrim, amd was said that that all enemies of Gondor were afraid to pass the tomb.[1]


Haudh in Gwanûr means "Mound of the Twins" in Sindarin. In editions prior to the 2004 edition, the circumflex (^) was omitted.

Portrayal in adaptations

1995-8: Middle-earth Collectible Card Game:

Haudh-in-Gwanûr is a site in Harondor, where players face an attack by Undead.


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