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Hildigard Took

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Hildigard Took
Biographical Information
LocationGreat Smials
Birthcirca S.R. 1235
Deathcirca S.R. 1255?
ParentageGerontius Took
Adamanta Chubb
Physical Description

Hildigard Took was the first daughter, and second child, of Thain Gerontius, the Old Took and Adamanta Chubb. We know very little about her life, and Appendix C merely states she "died young".

We know from the birth of her siblings Isengrim and Isumbras that she must've been born between S.R. 1232 and 1238, and more specifically around 1235 based on the average age gap between he 11 other siblings.

In The History of Middle-earth volume 12, The Peoples of Middle-earth, an earlier version of the Took family tree gives Hildigard's birth and death dates as 1235 and 1255 respectively, but this may no longer be accurate.


Fortinbras I
1145 - 1248
The Old Took
1190 - 1320
Adamanta Chubb
Isengrim III
1232 - 1330
(died young)
Isumbras IV
1238 - 1339
9 children
Lalia Clayhanger
1283 - 1402
Fortinbras II
1278 - 1380
Ferumbras III
1316 - 1415


"Hildigard" come from the Germanic roots hild meaning "battle" and gard meaning "protection".