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'''cal''' is a [[Quenya]] root word for 'cala' and '[[galad]]' meaning light, '[[calma]]' meaning lamp, and '[[calen]]' and '[[galen]]' meaning green, which is literally "bright".
'''KAL''' is a [[Primitive Quendian]] [[Sundocarme|root]] signifying "shine (general word)".<ref name=LR>{{LR|Etymologies}}, p. 362</ref>
* [[The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth]] by [[Ruth S. Noel]]
[[Category:Quenya words]]
*[[Quenya]]: ''[[calma|kalma]]''<ref name=LR/>

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KAL is a Primitive Quendian root signifying "shine (general word)".[1]

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The Sundocarme "Shine" Group
 GAL/KAL ("shine") · GIL ("shine") · RIL ("glitter") · SIL/THIL ("shine silver") · GUL/KUL ("shine gold or red")