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Letter to W.A.R. Hadley

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W.A.R. Hadley 14 December 1970.png

On 14 December 1970, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to W.A.R. Hadley.[1]

  • Subject: Christmas letter with updates on the Tolkien family happenings of 1970.
  • Publication: None.

[edit] Contents

The letter includes references to:[1]

  • The death of Hilary Tolkien's wife Magdalen on 5 April
  • Her requiem and burial perfomed by Edith and Ronald's son John
  • Hilary's son Gabriel, wife and children moving from Wesham to live with him
  • Edith's March fall and resultant injuries
  • Pending visits from son John and daughter Priscilla
  • The "Canadian daughter-in-law" Baillie in Winnipeg
  • Ronald's 1968 "accident" and their move to Poole
  • Canada's "troubles" in 1970
  • Ronald's desire to visit Canada and South Africa
  • A happy summer visit from "Ding" — "an amazing person"


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