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'''Loeg Ningloron''' was the region where the [[Gladden River]] flowed down from the [[Misty Mountains]] to meet the Great River [[Anduin]], south of the [[Carrock]]. In ancient times, a lake had formed at their meeting-place, but by the beginning of the [[Third Age]] the lake had gone, to be replaced by a land of marshes and islets. These were the [[Gladden Fields]] (named from the giant yellow iris flowers that grew there in hosts). In [[Elvish]], the Gladden River was known as [[Sîr Ninglor]], from which derived the Elvish name for the Fields: Loeg Ningloron.
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In the first years of the Third Age, after the first defeat of [[Sauron]], [[Isildur]] was marching close to the Loeg Ningloron when he was set upon by a host of [[Orcs]]. His soldiers were overwhelmed, and he escaped into the wetlands only to be shot down by an Orc-arrow. There he was lost, and with him the [[One Ring]] that he was carrying north, which lay hidden in the marshes of Loeg Ningloron for nearly two and a half thousand years.

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