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Lossoth by Liz Danforth.

The Lossoth, also called the Snowmen of Forochel,[1] were survivors of the Forodwaith, the ancient people from whom the northern lands of Middle-earth took their name.


The Lossoth lived mainly on the Cape of Forochel that enclosed the Icebay of Forochel, but they also camped around its southern rim. They had a culture well adapted to their icy existence, constructing houses out of snow (possibly similar to igloos), and travelling on sleds and bone skates. Despite this comfortable existence, the Lossoth had a very primitive culture. They were afraid of the weapons that Arvedui and his men had, and could not understand sailing boats.[2]

The Lossoth entered history near the end of the second millennium of the Third Age, when they gave aid to Arvedui, last King of Arthedain, who had fled into the north to escape his kingdom's destruction. In T.A. 1975[3] when an elven-ship came to rescue him, he rewarded the Lossoth for their friendship with the Ring of Barahir. His hosts sensed approaching disaster, and warned Arvedui not to board the ship. Against their advice, he did so, but a great storm overwhelmed the vessel and the last King of Arthedain was lost in the cold waters of the far north.[2]


Loss(h)oth is Sindarin and consists of loss ("snow") + hoth.[1]


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