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March of Maedhros

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March of Maedhros
General information
LocationNorth-eastern Beleriand
FoundedF.A. 7
DefeatedBy F.A. 540

The March of Maedhros was a region in the northeastern borderlands of Beleriand, between Dorthonion and Ered Luin and south of Lothlann.[1] It was guarded by the Noldor under the general captaincy of Maedhros. The chief Stronghold of the March of Maedhros was Himring, a fortress built by the Sons of Fëanor after the Kinslaying.[2]


[edit] Description

The area consisted of a series hills and plains. The hills, most notable in the eastern areas, were surrounding the Hill of Himring, the capital fortress.[1]

[edit] History

It was fortified by Maedhros after he moved his brothers and their people further east out of Hithlum to avoid any feuds with their kinsmen. He established himself on Himring. It was frequently attacked by the forces of Angband throughout the First Age in the Battles of Beleriand, generally because it lacked in natural fortification, until it was finally overrun during the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.[3]

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