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Margaret Carroux

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Margaret Carroux (died 1991) was a german translator. She translated many french and english literary works into german, sometimes under pseudonyms like Emmi Heimann or Martin Boor. Her most famous translation is that of The Lord of the Rings (published as Der Herr der Ringe 1969/1970), which she translated with the poetess Ebba-Margareta von Freymann.

About the Translation

The "Carroux-Translation" of The Lord of the Rings, was the first german translation of the trilogy, a second was made by Wolfgang Krege, published in the year 2000.

Margaret Carroux tried to capture the literary style of Tolkien's original work, to create the same atmosphere in the german-version. During her translation-work, she uses the Guide to the Names in The Lord of the Rings. Some critics of Carroux accuse her of unify the speech of the different characters too much. But many fans like her old-fashioned rendering, because it follows the original text flow and the style very close.

Works by J.R.R. Tolkien translated by Carroux

  • Leaf by Niggle (as Blatt von Tüftler in the book Fabelhafte Geschichten 1964)