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Near Harad

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Near Harad
Christopher Tolkien - Map of Harad.jpg
Map of Harad by Christopher Tolkien
General Information
LocationSouth of Mordor, east of the Harnen, south-west of Khand
DescriptionLandlocked desert

Near Harad was an indefinite region of Harad that lay to the south of Gondor and Mordor, beyond the River Harnen.[1]

Near Harad was home to camels and, in the South, Oliphaunts.[2]

Its inhabitants were enemies of Gondor during parts of its history. Once men of Near Harad made an alliance with those of Khand and with the Wainriders to attack Gondor. King Ondoher anticipated their strike, and created a Southern Army to defend his land against them. Under the command of Eärnil, the Southern Army destroyed the army of Harad in South Ithilien.[3][4] It seems likely that many of the Haradrim who troubled Gondor, actually were men of Near Harad.

Portrayal in adaptations

1996: Middle-earth Role Playing:

Several settlements, sites, hills and rivers in Near Harad are mentioned in the MERP module Southern Gondor: The Land.

2019: Other Minds 20:

The roleplaying fan magazine Other Minds Issue 20 contains a map that shows parts of Near Harad on the border to Harondor that is based on the description of settlements, hills and rivers in Near Harad in the MERP module Southern Gondor: The Land and on the map of northwestern Middle-earth in the MERP Northwestern Middle-earth Gazetteer on page 146.


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