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North-South Road

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The North-South Road was a road dating from the Second Age that linked the northern kingdom of Arnor with the southern kingdom of Gondor. Most of this road had fallen into ruins by the time of the War of the Ring, though it was still usable in places as the 'Greenway'.


It originally ran from Fornost in the far north, southward for hundreds of leagues through Eriador passing by Bree (where it crossed the East-West Road) and through Andrath between the Barrow Downs and the South Downs. It then crossed Tharbad and from then on it was known as the Old South Road: it went through the Gap of Calenardhon (via the Fords of Isen). It passed across Calenardhon parallel to the White Mountains (in later years the regions of Westfold, Edoras and Eastfold) and eventually Anorien. It passed near Minas Anor and then led to Osgiliath and Minas Ithil.