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However in the [[Mode of Beleriand]] this letter has the value ''a'' instead.  
However in the [[Mode of Beleriand]] this letter has the value ''a'' instead.  

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Ossë (Q, pron. [ˈosːe]) was a Maia of the Sea associated with Ulmo. He guarded the waters around Middle-earth and islands, and did not go into the deep places of the Sea. Uinen was his spouse, and he was a friend of Círdan the Shipwright.

In the early days of Arda, Ossë turned to Melkor for a time, but Uinen brought him back to the loyalty of the Ulmo. However, Ossë's wild and wilful nature was still evident; he delighted in and enjoyed making dangerous Sea storms.

Ossë was a friend of the Sindar, a kindred of Elves who lived by the shores of the Sea in Beleriand, and was respected as much as the Valar by them.

After the Valar pronounced the Doom of the Noldor, Ossë helped guard the shores of Beleriand to keep the ships of the Noldor from reaching Valinor. His storms had a part in wrecking all the ships that they sent, and only one Elf from among their crews survived, by the will of Ulmo: Voronwë. During the Second Age he rose the island of Elenna (Numenor) from the depths of the Sea.


The name is said to derive from the Valarin Ošošai, Oššai[1]

It is also understood as the Quenya word osse "terror" from PQ root GOS.[2]

In Eriol's Old English translations, Osse is referred as Saefrea "Sea-ruler"[3]. However this reflects his status as a Vala (Fréa) in the earlier Legendarium.

Other versions

In older versions of The Silmarillion as well as the Annals of Aman, Ossë (along with his spouse Uinen)were Valar in their own right, and often opposed the will of Ulmo.

Osse was also the name of a Tengwa similar to Roman c, which apparently had the value o[4]. However elsewhere, this letter is named Elwe and has the value of e.

However in the Mode of Beleriand this letter has the value a instead.


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