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John Howe - Drowning-of-Numenor.jpeg
Númenor was a Kingdom founded on the Isle of Elenna, an island raised from the Great Sea as a gift to the Edain after the War of Wrath. It became one of the most powerful realms during the Second Age and was very influential on the events of the Third Age. Númenoreans were forbidden - by the Valar - from sailing so far westward that Númenor was no longer visible; however they would eventually begin to resent the Ban of the Valar, compensating by travelling and establishing colonies eastwards instead. Nonetheless this resentment grew. After King Ar-Pharazôn took Sauron hostage in S.A. 3262, Sauron soon began to corrupt the King claiming that Númenoreans could achieve eternal life by worshipping Melkor. Upon Saurons bidding, Ar-Pharazôn built a great armada which set sail to wage war on the Valar in the west. Manwë called upon Ilúvatar, who destroyed the Great Armament and reshaped the world; making the world round, drowning Elenna and Númenor with it.

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"And far away, its dark head in a torn cloud, there loomed the Mountain! Its nearest neighbours to the north-east and the tumbled land that joined it to them could not be seen. All alone it rose and looked across the marshes to the forest. The Lonely Mountain!"
The Hobbit, "A Warm Welcome"

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Alan Lee - Húrin and Huor are Carried to Gondolin.jpg
Húrin and Huor are Carried to Gondolin, by Alan Lee.

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The goal of the Locations Project is to create an article for every single location mentioned in J.R.R. Tolkien's works.