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Rúmil (elf of Tirion)

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(See also Rúmil of Lórien)

Biographical Information
TitlesRúmil of Tirion.
Physical Description
Hair colorBlack.
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Rúmil was a Lambengolmo ("Loremaster") of the Noldor living in the city of Tirion.

Rúmil was the Elf who invented writing. His alphabet was called Sarati, as each letter was called a sarat. This alphabet was later expanded and perfected by Fëanor as the Tengwar. He was also a skilled linguist, and when the Teleri finally arrived in Valinor he was first to discover just how the Telerin language differed from Common Eldarin compared to Quenya.

Rúmil was one of the Noldor who refused the summons of Fëanor, choosing to remain in Tirion under the rule of Finarfin, where he presumably remains still.


The origin of his name is not clear, possibly deriving from the stem rum, meaning "secret".


Tolkien, in the development of his legendarium, attributed numerous works to Rúmil, many of which were published in The Silmarillion. These include:

Pengolodh of Gondolin, when arrived to Valinor, later continued and completed much of his work.