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Southern Fiefs

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Southern Fiefs
Vassals to Gondor
General Information
LocationSouth West Gondor
TypeVassals to Gondor
DescriptionCoastlands south of the White Mountains
InhabitantsNúmenórean, Pre-Númenórean

The Southern Fiefs were the provinces of Gondor.

They provided much of Minas Tirith's needs: fish from the Ethir, flowers from Lossarnach, and at earlier times, stone from Anórien. The fiefs also provided skilled soldiers.

By the late Third Age, most regions of gondor were either deserted or overrun. during the War of the Ring, only the Southern Fiefs remained.

The Southern Fiefs were:


A fiefdom is, in feudalism, a piece of inheritable land given to a vassal. The vassal returned this gift with (military) allegiance, revenue, or both.