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Mark AthertonMark FergusonMark Hadlow
Mark Ordesky
Mark T. HookerMark WhittleseyMark Wolf
Marmadas BrandybuckMarmadoc Brandybuck
Marquette UniversityMarring of the Spring of ArdaMarroc Brandybuck
Marshal of the East-mark
Marshal of the West-markMarshalling at Dunharrow
Marshes of NevrastMartha C. Sammons
Martin FreemanMartin Jarvis
Martin ShawMartin SimonsonMarton Csokas
Martyn ReadMartyn SandersonMary Elizabeth McGlynn
Mary Jane StowMary Renault
Marya FilatovaMaría Lombide EzpeletaMassacre at Tarn Aeluin
Massacre at the Fords of IsenMaster
Master-stoneMaster CookMaster Cook Rider
Master Meriadoc, SwordthainMaster Peregrin's PlanMaster Worrywort
Master of BucklandMaster of Lake-town
Master of Middle-earth
Master of the Rings: The Unauthorized Story Behind J.R.R. Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'Mastering Middle-earth: Strategies for Middle-earth The WizardsMasterpieces of Terror and the Supernatural
Mat HeathertoesMathi Stouthand
Matt BlessingMatt CraigheadMatthew Locricchio
Matthew VernonMatěj Čadil
MauraMaury Laws
Max SchuchartMayMay (disambiguation)
May (hobbit)
May Gamgee
May It Be
Mayor of Michel Delving
Mazarbul (disambiguation)Mazarbul (word)Me
MedeMeditations on Middle-earth
MeduseldMegan Edwards
Melbourne House
MelethMeleth (nurse)
MeletyaMelianMelilot Brandybuck
MenMen, Halflings and Hero WorshipMen-i-Naugrim
Men (Elvish)Men (disambiguation)Men of Bree
Men of BrethilMen of DaleMen of Darkness
Men of Dor-lóminMen of Dorthonion
Men of the North (First Age)Men of the North (disambiguation)
Men of the Vales of Anduin
MeneMenegMenegilda Goold
MenegrothMenegroth (song)Menel
MenelyaMentha Brandybuck
Mereth Aderthad
Meriadoc Brandybuck
Meril-i-TurinqiMeril (disambiguation)
Merimac BrandybuckMerimas BrandybuckMering Stream
Merlock Mountains
MermaidsMerpConMerpCon I
MerpCon IIMerpCon III
Merry's Simple CourageMerry Gardner
Merry and Pippin's beltsMersday
Messenger ServiceMessengers of the ValarMessrs Grubb, Grubb and Burrowes
MiaulëMichael Bakewell
Michael BeattieMichael D.C. Drout
Michael Deacon
Michael ElsworthMichael George Tolkien
Michael Graham CoxMichael Green
Michael HagueMichael Hordern
Michael KalutaMichael MartinezMichael McStay
Michael N. StantonMichael NicklesMichael Reisz
Michael ScholesMichael Silverman Catalogue 23Michael Silverman Catalogue 27
Michael Silverman Catalogue NineMichael SpiceMichael Tolkien
Michael YurchakMichaël DevauxMichel Delving
Mid-year's DayMidden-aarde MUD
Middle-earthMiddle-earth: Against the Shadow
Middle-earth: Against the Shadow Player GuideMiddle-earth: Dark MinionsMiddle-earth: Dark Minions Player Guide
Middle-earth: Shadow of MordorMiddle-earth: The BalrogMiddle-earth: The Dragons
Middle-earth: The Dragons Player GuideMiddle-earth: The Lidless EyeMiddle-earth: The Lidless Eye Companion
Middle-earth: The Lidless Eye Player GuideMiddle-earth: The RiddlesMiddle-earth: The Role-playing Game set in J.R.R. Tolkien's World
Middle-earth: The White HandMiddle-earth: The WizardsMiddle-earth: The Wizards Casual Companion
Middle-earth: The Wizards CompanionMiddle-earth: The Wizards Player GuideMiddle-earth: Visions of a Modern Myth
Middle-earth Adventure Guidebook IIMiddle-earth CCG MapsMiddle-earth Calendar 1996 (Finnish)
Middle-earth Calendar 1997 (Finnish)Middle-earth Calendar 1998 (Finnish)Middle-earth Calendar 1999 (Finnish)
Middle-earth Calendar 2002Middle-earth Calendar 2003Middle-earth Calendar 2006
Middle-earth Campaign GuideMiddle-earth Collectible Card GameMiddle-earth Enterprises
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