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Second Battle of DagorladSecond Battle of the Fords of IsenSecond Hall
Second Kinslaying
Second Marshal of the RiddermarkSecond Music of the Ainur
Second Siege of ImladrisSecondary world
Secret FireSecret Fire: The Spiritual Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien
Secrets of The Hobbit
Seek for the Sword that was brokenSeen
SeersSekcja Tolkienowska ŚKFSelect Translations from Old English Poetry
Selected Literary EssaysSelections from the Marquette J.R.R. Tolkien Collection
Sellic Spell
Seredic BrandybuckSeregSeregon
Seven Gates of GondolinSeven HoardsSeven Rings
Seven Stars
SeventeenSeventh Gate
Seventh LevelSevern SoftwareSevin
Shadow RisingShadow and Flame
Shadow in the South
Shadow over Hollin
Shadowfax (video game)Shadows of Heaven
Shadows of Mordor
Shadowy SeasShadowy SpringShagrat
Shane Rangi
Sharon BairdSharp-ears
Shaun G. McClureShaun Gunner
Sheep-lordShelly ShapiroShelob
Shelob's LairShelob's Lair (chapter)Shelob's Lair (disambiguation)
Shelob's Lair (manuscript)Shelob's Lair (scene)Shelob's Lair (soundtrack)
Shelob the GreatShenandoah: A Tribute to Wystan Hugh Auden on his Sixtieth Birthday
Shieldmaiden of Rohan
Shire-reckoningShire-reformShire (disambiguation)
Shire CalendarShire Calendar 1981Shire Calendar 1982
ShirebournShiro no Norite
Shooting at the wandShores of Evendim
Shores of the Long LakeShow Vol.1, No.1Shé
Sideshow CollectiblesSidney Barrowclough
Siege of Angband
Siege of Barad-dûr
Siege of GondorSiege of Gondor (book)Siege of Gondor (disambiguation)
Siege of OsgiliathSiege of Pelargir
Siege of Utumno
Sierra EntertainmentSigelwara LandSigin
Sigin-tarâgSigismond Took
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