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Tar-Elendil (Second Age 350 – 751, aged 401 years) was the fourth King of Númenor, ruling for 150 years, from Second Age 590 to 740. He was the eldest son of Tar-Amandil.

Tar-Elendil was called Parmaitë ("Book-in-Hand" in Quenya) because of his habit of making books from the legends and lore gathered by his grandfather Elros Tar-Minyatur.

In the year 600 of the Second Age, Vëantur, the Captain of the King's Ships, became the first Númenórean to return to Middle-earth. Sailing his ship Entulessë, he landed at the Grey Havens and met with Ereinion Gil-galad, High King of the Noldor. Vëantur's daughter, Almarian, would wed Tar-Elendil and their child, Aldarion, would inherit his grandfather's love of the sea.

Tar-Elendil had three children: two daughters, Silmariën and Isilmë, and one son, Irimon. Silmariën was the eldest child, but because of the law of agnatic primogeniture Irimon would take up the Sceptre as Tar-Meneldur. Silmariën would become important in her own right as the ancestress of the Lords of Andúnië. For an unknown reason, Tar-Elendil also passed the Ring of Barahir down to her instead of his son. This choice, over many generations, allowed Aragorn to bear the heirloom during his coronation as Aragorn Elessar, King of the Reunited Kingdom, at the end of the War of the Ring.


Elendil means "Friend of the Elves" in Quenya (from elen = "star, Elf" and -dil = "friend, lover, devoted to").


         |            |         |
         |            |         |
     TAR-ELENDIL   Eärendur   Mairen          Vëantur
         |                                       |
     ____|_________________________              |
    |                   |          |             |
    |                   |          |             |          
Silmariën = Elatan   Isilmë    Tar-Meneldur = Almarian
          |                                 |
          |                                 |
       Valandil                        Tar-Aldarion

Preceded by:
4th King of Númenor
II 590 – 740
Followed by: