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Elendil (350-751 SA) was the son of Tar-Amandil, the third King of Númenor. He ascended the throne in 590 as the fourth King, and he ruled as Tar-Elendil for 150 years, until he surrendered the sceptre to his son Tar-Meneldur in 740.

Tar-Elendil was also called Parmaitë (cf. Quenya parma 'book') because of his habit of making 'books and legends of the lore gathered by his grandfather [ Elros ]' (UT 219).

He had three children, two daughters, Silmarien and Isilmë and one son, Meneldur (UT 173). The eldest was Silmarien, who became the ancestress of the Lords of Andúnië. The youngest was Meneldur, the following King.

During Tar-Elendil's reign, in 600 SA, the Númenoreans first sailed to the coasts of Middle-earth at the command of Vëantur, the Captain of the King's Ships (UT 171).


UT = Unfinished Tales.