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Tatyar (Q, pron. [ˈtacar]) was the original name of the second Clan of the Elves, before the Great March. The Clan-name, meaning 'Seconds' (q. cardinal (t)atya 'second') was derived from the name of the father of the Clan, Tata 'Two', the second Elf-father to awake at Cuiviénen.

The other original clans in Cuiviénen were the Minyar 'Firsts', and Nelyar 'Thirds' according to the Elf-fathers Imin 'One' and Enel 'Three'. The Tatyar were the 56/144 of the total population. Half of them followed Finwë in the March and became the Noldor and half of them stayed back with Morwë.

Some of the Avari who were of the Tatyar eventually reached Beleriand and acknowledged their kinship with the Noldor, but were unfriendly, jealous of their more exalted kin, and considered them arrogant.[1]


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