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'''The Second Phase'''''
'''The Second Phase'''''
# Return to Hobbiton
# [[Return to Hobbiton]]
# Ancient History
# Ancient History
# Delays Are Dangerous
# Delays Are Dangerous

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The Return of the Shadow chapters

The First Phase

  1. A Long-expected Party
  2. From Hobbiton to the Woody End
  3. Of Gollum and the Ring
  4. To Maggot's Farm and Buckland
  5. The Old Forest and the Withywindle
  6. Tom Bombadil
  7. The Barrow-wight
  8. Arrival at Bree
  9. Trotter and the Journey to Weathertop
  10. The Attack on Weathertop
  11. From Weathertop to the Ford
  12. At Rivendell
  13. 'Queries and Alterations'

The Second Phase

  1. Return to Hobbiton
  2. Ancient History
  3. Delays Are Dangerous
  4. A Short Cut to Mushrooms
  5. Again from Buckland to the Withywindle

The Third Phase

  1. The Journey to Bree
  2. At the Sign of the Prancing Pony
  3. To Weathertop and Rivendell
  4. New Uncertainties and New Projections

The Story Continued

  1. In the House of Elrond
  2. The Ring Goes South
  3. The Mines of Moria