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Third Kinslaying

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The name Kinslaying refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Kinslaying (disambiguation).
"...and Maglor took pity upon them" by Catherine Karina Chmiel

The Third Kinslaying was the disastrous attack on the Havens of Sirion by the surviving Sons of Fëanor near the end of the First Age. Since the Sons had sworn an oath to acquire the Silmarils at any cost, they sacked the Havens when they learned that Elwing had one of the Jewels in her possession. Though Elwing managed to escape with the Silmaril, the Havens (last of the holdings of Elves and Men in Beleriand) were utterly destroyed in what was considered to be the "cruelest of the slayings of Elf by Elf, and... the third of the great wrongs achieved by the accursed oath".[1] The Mannish poet Dírhavel was also among those who fell.


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