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"The one and only Tolkien IRC Network since January 2005"

Tolkien Gateway's official chat or IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is where any editor, user, or members of the public can come to chat with other like-minded folk about Tolkien Gateway, J.R.R. Tolkien, or anything they wish. Sign-ups aren't required nor do users have to install anything.


IRC: irc://
Port: 6667


Official Mibbit website

The easiest way to connect to our IRC is via the online client Mibbit. Mibbit requires no installation and works on all major Internet browsers, mobiles phones, and even on the Wii's Internet Browser. Simply clicking the link and entering a desired username takes you to straight to the channel. Join Tolkien Gateway's IRC via Mibbit now.


Official ChatZilla website

For those who use the Mozilla Firefox browser, a popular choice is the ChatZilla extension which can be used as either a tab in Firefox, or an extra window. It provides greater functionality than Mibbit and, once installed, is easily accessed via Firefox and can be configured to automatically join irc:// on opening.

Recommended by: Mith


Official X-Chat website
File:X-Chat screenshot (Lanky).jpg
SilvereX's xchat using the Industrial theme.

X-Chat is an open source IRC client for Linux, Windows and Mac based operating systems. X-Chat can be scripted with plug-ins in a number of programming languages: Perl, Python, Tcl, and Ruby, which are available as external plugins and contain a binary module interface, usually for the C programming language.

On Linux, X-Chat is available through the package managers of most distributions. On Debian-based systems, such as Ubuntu, simply type sudo apt-get install xchat in a terminal.

On Windows, the official xchat programme is shareware and requires a fee of $20(USD) after its trial period of 30 days. However, there are a number of unofficial builds of xchat which are free for anyone to download. Click here for a full list of these unofficial builds. The most popular of these builds is SilvereX's build.

List of Channels

N.B. Channels do not have to be "officially" created: if there is no one in a channel it ceases to exist, whilst joining a channel which has no-one already in it creates it. The lists below reflect the "officially" recognised and used channels, but at any point others may exist as IRC users see fit.


  • #TolkienGateway - Lobby for the network and official channel of the wiki
  • #Wiki - The channel where Tolkien Gateway:Meetings are held
  • #Kontu - Official channel for (Finnish channel)
  • #Civ4 - for discussion on Civilization IV


  • #AP - Official channel for
  • #EoI - Official channel for
  • #GeneralTrivia - General trivia channel
  • #HangHobbit - Tolkien hangman game
  • #Imladris - Official channel for
  • #IRPG - Idle RPG game
  • #Lore - Advanced discussions of Tolkien's legendarium
  • #LotRMMORPG - Official channel for
  • #LotroSource - Official channel for
  • #MinasTirith - Unofficial channel for
  • #Rosie - Rosie's personal channel
  • #SA - Official channel for
  • #SSF - Official channel for
  • #TolkienAudio - Tolkien audio/music streams
  • #Trivia - Tolkien trivia channel
  • #tshgame - Official channel for
  • #Westeros - A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin
  • #WotR - Official channel for

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