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The one and only Tolkien IRC Network since January 2005

Tolkien Gateway's official chat server is located at port: 6667 for IRC clients and averages 3-5 users in the main lobby. If you have no idea what that says, then you probably want to use the browser-based client, Mibbit:


List of Channels


  • #TolkienGateway - Lobby for the network and official channel of the wiki
  • #Wiki - The channel where Tolkien Gateway:Meetings are held
  • #Kontu - Official channel for (Finnish channel)
  • #antisalaseura - currently unknown (Finnish channel)
  • #Civ4 - for discussion on Civilization IV
  • #hallitus - currently unknown (Finnish channel)
  • #Rosie - Rosie's personal channel
  • #SA - Official channel for
  • #salaseura - currently unknown (Finnish channel)
  • #salaisempiseura - currently unknown (Finnish channel)
  • #SoulAssassins - currently unknown
  • #STS - currently unknown (Finnish channel)
  • #tissit - currently unknown (Finnish channel)
  • #valvojat - currently unknown (Finnish channel)


  • #AP - Official channel for
  • #GeneralTrivia - General trivia channel (Trivia bot is missing)
  • #HangHobbit - Tolkien hangman game
  • #Imladris - Official channel for
  • #IRPG - Idle RPG game
  • #Lore - Advanced discussions of Tolkien's legendarium
  • #LotRMMORPG - Official channel for
  • #MinasTirith - Unofficial channel for
  • #SSF - Official channel for
  • #TolkienAudio - Tolkien audio/music streams
  • #tshgame - Official channel for
  • #Trivia - Tolkien trivia channel (Trivia bot is missing)
  • #Westeros - A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin
  • #WotR - Official channel for


  • #EoI - Official channel for
  • #LotroSource - Official channel for

IRC Clients


See: Official X-Chat website

X-Chat is an open source IRC client for Linux, Windows and Mac based operating systems. X-Chat can be scripted with plug-ins in a number of programming languages: Perl, Python, Tcl, and Ruby, which are available as external plugins and contain a binary module interface, usually for the C programming language.

On Linux

X-Chat is avaible through the package managers of most distributions. On Debian-based systems, such as Ubuntu, simply type sudo apt-get install xchat in a terminal.

On Windows

File:X-Chat screenshot (Lanky).jpg
SilvereX's xchat using the Industrial theme.

The official xchat for windows is shareware and requires a fee of $20(USD) after its trial period of 30 days. However, there are a number of unofficial builds of xchat which are free for anyone to download. Click here for a full list of these unofficial builds. The most popular of these builds is SilvereX's build.

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