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==Reference thing==
==Citation Work/Practice==
It is unclear what the borders of [[Eriador]] were to the south; it is unknown whether the [[Greyflood]] or [[Lhûn|Lune]] rivers even existed in the First Age. Presumably the Greyflood followed the same route through Eriador to the lower end of the extended Blue Mountains - before reaching the sea somewhere to the west of the [[White Mountains]].<ref name="Atlas">[[Karen Wynn Fonstad]], ''[[The Atlas of Middle-earth]]'', revised edition</ref>{{rp|4}}
Central Eriador was scattered with many groups of hills including the [[Tower Hills]] (''Emyn Beraid''), [[Hills of Evendim]] (''Emyn Uial''), [[Weather Hills]] as well as the [[Far Downs]], [[White Downs]], [[South Downs]], [[North Downs]] and [[Barrow-downs]] (''Tyrn Gorthad''); [[Karen Wynn Fonstad|Fonstad]] noted that the "''longitudinal axes [of the hills] formed concentric rings''".<ref name="Atlas"/>{{rp|brackets|this thing should be in brackets}} Despite large deforestation by the [[Númenóreans]] during the [[Second Age]] some wooded areas remained, such as the [[Old Forest]], [[Woody End]], [[Bindbole Wood]] (sometimes seen as "Bindbale"), [[Chetwood]] around [[Bree-hill]], the [[Trollshaws]], and, largest of all, [[Eryn Vorn]]; [[Eregion|Hollin]] was so named due to the large numbers of holly trees which grew there.<ref name="Atlas"/> Other geographic features include [[Midgewater Marshes]], [[Rushock Bog]], and [[Overbourn Marshes]].
Blah blah blah the [[Sceptre of Annuminas]] blah blah blah.<ref>{{App|Eriador}} "The North-kingdom and the Dúnedain"</ref>

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Blah blah blah the Sceptre of Annuminas blah blah blah.[1]


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