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General Information
LocationFar inland from Agar
DescriptionSmall settlement populated with sick folk
InhabitantsPre-Númenórean people

Udul was the name of a village that threatened the town of Agar with marauders in the Second Age in the story of Tal-Elmar. All that is known of its location is that it was "far inland" from Agar, which was "three leagues away" from the shores of the Great Sea.

When Tal-Elmar was seventeen he was chosen to go to Udul to spy out the land. The young man was successful in finding the village and creeping so close to one of its watchmen's huts that he could hear their conversation. However, he was unable to comprehend their words although their tone suggested fear and mourning.[1]

What Tal-Elmar did not know was that the people of Udul were dying from a pestilence and that the marauders who had come to Agar were desperately seeking food.[2]


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