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--early life-- let me tell you a story about a couple who had a child (yes they where married) and a few weeks after the broght this baby home the found out that the baby was very sick so the broght it to a small hospital but they coulden't do anything about it so the sent it (via helecopter) to a larger hospital so they preformed many tests and the the doctor came out looked at the man at the door and said "are you the father?" "yes I am." "I am sorry your baby is going to die." now I am going to ruin the story the baby is me. So of course I survived how else would i be wrighting this. so my parents got their famaly to pray then so on and so fourth all of washinton was praying for me and I lived. so now i live in northern california and i look back at that and say i am a walking miricale.