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{{user infobox
| name= Јован Анђелковић
| name= Јован Анђелковић
| othernames= Golfin, Valarion, Thindir,  
| othernames= Golfin, Valarion, Thindir, Taras
| position= Editor
| position= Editor
| language= English, Norwegian, Serbian
| language= English, Norwegian, Serbian, Sindarin
| location=  Belgrade,Serbia
| location=  Belgrade,Serbia/[[Brithombar]]
| arda languages= Sindarin
| arda location= [[Eryn Vorn]]
| occupation=  
| occupation=  
| gender=Male
| gender=Male
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[[Epessë]]-Thindir consists of Thin of Sin, meaning "Grey" and [[Sindarin]] Tir, meaning "Watcher".
[[Epessë]]-Thindir consists of Thin of Sin, meaning "Grey" and [[Sindarin]] Tir, meaning "Watcher".
[[Kilmessi]]-Gilrod is made of [[Sindarin]] Gil, meaning "Star,Glitter,Radiance" and Arod, meaning "Noble"
[[Kilmessi]]-Taras is made of [[Sindarin]] Tar, meaning "Strong" and aras, meaning "Deer".

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Јован Анђелковић
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In the time when the War of Wrath had ended many peoples that dwelt in the land of Ossiriand. Of those, the greatest part were the Nandor that had no lord at that time. In the great host retreating eastward there were Men also of which there was Valarion, son of Glordil, son of Thindir of the house of Hador.


Sindarin analys Tengwar and Cirth analysis.

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Essi-The name Golfin is the consists of Sindarin Gol, meaning "Wise" and Fin, meaning "Tress".

Amilessë-The name Valarion was made out of Valar and Sindarin Ion, meaning "Son".

Epessë-Thindir consists of Thin of Sin, meaning "Grey" and Sindarin Tir, meaning "Watcher".

Kilmessi-Taras is made of Sindarin Tar, meaning "Strong" and aras, meaning "Deer".