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| name= Јован Анђелковић
| othernames= Golfin, Valarion, Thindir, Taras
| position= Editor
| language= English, Norwegian, Serbian, Sindarin
| location=  Belgrade,Serbia/[[Brithombar]]
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In the time when the War of Wrath had ended many peoples that dwelt in the land of [[Ossiriand]]. Of those, the greatest part were the [[Nandor]] that had no lord at that time. In the great host retreating eastward there were [[Men]] also of which there was Valarion, son of Glordil, son of Thindir of the house of [[Hador]].
== Projects ==
Sindarin analys
Tengwar and Cirth analysis.
==My Tolkien Library==
* The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ringis.
* The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
* The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
* The Hobbit
* The Silmarillion
* The Unfinished Tales
* The Letters of Tolkien
* The Peoples of Middle Earth
[[Essi]]-The name Golfin is the  consists of [[Sindarin]] Gol, meaning "Wise" and Fin, meaning "Tress".
[[Amilessë]]-The name Valarion was made out of Valar and [[Sindarin]] Ion, meaning "Son".
[[Epessë]]-Thindir consists of Thin of Sin, meaning "Grey" and [[Sindarin]] Tir, meaning "Watcher".
[[Kilmessi]]-Taras is made of [[Sindarin]] Tar, meaning "Strong" and aras, meaning "Deer".

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