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White Ship

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"In the twilight of autumn it sailed out of Mithlond, until the seas of the Bent World fell away beneath it…"
― The Silmarillion,Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age.

The White Ship was the ship that sailed from the Grey Havens into the Uttermost West, carrying the Ring-bearers to Aman. Its departure marked the end of the Third Age.Along with Frodo the Ring-bearer and Bilbo the Ring-finder the ship also carried Elrond, and Galadriel, and Gandalf the White, who had been the Keepers of the Three Rings. They were accompanied to the Grey Havens by Gildor Inglorion and many other Elves besides, but whether any of these others went aboard the ship with them is not told. It does seem, though, that Gandalf's horse Shadowfax did make the journey for we see him waiting at the quayside in The Lord of the Rings, and in one of his Letters, Tolkien says that he sailed away with Gandalf.The White Ship was one of the last ships to have set sail from the Grey Havens.