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Bree-land Introduction

Bree-land Introduction is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Shadows of Angmar books
(Bree-landEred Luin)


Book I: Stirrings in the Darkness
Book II: The Red Maid
Book III: The Council of the North
Book IV: Chasing Shadows
Book V: The Last Refuge
Book VI: Fires in the North
Book VII: The Hidden Hope
Book VIII: The Scourge of the North
Book IX: Shores of Evendim
Book X: The City of Kings
Book XI: Prisoner of the Free Peoples
Book XII: The Ashen Wastes
Book XIII: Doom of the Last-King
Book XIV: The Ring-forges of Eregion
Book XV: Daughter of Strife
Epilogue: Laerdan's Parcel


[edit] Hobbit Summary

[edit] A Road through the Dark

The Hobbit player's good friend Celandine Brandybuck sent a letter to the player from Archet mentioning that there are brigands in the area. The player writes back to her urging her to come back to Tuckborough, but the player has not heard back from her. Worried, the Hobbit player talks to Postman Took who informs that player that letters to Archet cannot be delivered because it has been besieged by ruffians. Postman Took gives the letter back to the player and says that the Hobbit player could get help delivering it from the Hobbit postmen in Buckland.

When the Hobbit player comes to Stock to begin the journey to Buckland the player spots Bounder Boffin shaking in fear as a Black Rider gallops off. Boffin says that the strange rider was looking for Baggins. He brings the Hobbit player to the leaf-farm of Old Odo where they can lock themselves inside and hide, defeating spiders along the way. When Boffin tries to open the gate to the farm the key breaks. Then he and the Hobbit player decide to travel to Woodhall but on their way to that village they overhear the conservation between a Black Riders and a group of brigands. The Black Rider spots them, but is stopped from slaying the two Hobbits by Gildor Inglorion.

Gildor informs the Hobbit player that his companion the Ranger Amdir was heading to Archet to investigate the Blackwold brigands there. He suggests the player to travel with him for safety.

[edit] Man Summary

[edit] Jailbreak

The Man player wakes up in a Blackwold cell by the Ranger Amdir. He informs the player that he learned from Jon Brackenbrook that Calder Cob is working for the Blackwold and captured two visiting Hobbits: Celandine Brandybuck and Mundo Sackville-Baggins. He would like the Man player's help looking for them.

The player finds Celandine inside a holding pen near the entrance to the jail. After slaying the Blackwolds, Celandine tells them that Mundo is being held captive in the courtyard. Celandine sets fire to the jail trying to get the Blackwold's attention so they can rescue him. As they attempt to put out the flames, the two of them enter the courtyard and find Mundo tied to a pole.

After they free Mundo of his bounds a Black Rider approaches, but is blocked by the flames of the fire from getting the Hobbits. Amdir shows and attempts to drive the Black Rider off. He succeeds, but is gravely wounded in the process. Celandine suggestions taking him to Archet to get help mending his wounds.

[edit] Merger Summary

[edit] Amdir's Request

The next morning in Archet, Kate Henseed, a female Man, informs the player that Amdir was looking for the player. The player finds him outside The Mad Badger Inn who tells the player that he was wounded by the Black Rider and fears that he is poisoned. He asks the player to speak to Captain Brackenbrook, the Man in charge of Archet's garrison and tell him that his son's suspicions at the Blackwolds' camp were correct. Calder Cob a member of the garison is a traitor and in league with the Blackwolds. He fears that he wouldn't believe if they news came from him, since the Men of Bree-land do not trust the Rangers.

[edit] Captain Brackenbrook

The Captain doesn't believe the player's tale of Calder, since he was the one that captured the former leader of the Blackwolds, Otto. The Captain suggests that if the player wishes to help Archet that there are wolves that plague the farmers and need to be slain.

[edit] Honing your Skills

The player informs Amdir that the Captain did not believe the player's story. He suggests that you hone your skills and then prove your worth to the Captain by helping Dirk Mudbrick.

[edit] Seeing the Defence

After slaying some wolves for the farmer Dirk Mudbrick, he tells the player that he notices that the Blackwolds seemed a bit stronger. He suggests that you find the Blackwold spies and find out what they are up to.

[edit] The Spies

The player finds and slays a spy and finds a note on him for Calder from Éogan that says that they will attack Archet from the west and burn it to the ground as the Men of Archet have done to their camp. The player brings the note to Dirk who tells the player to bring to the Captain as quickly as possible.

[edit] The Captain's Son

When the Captain reads the note he is saddened that he didn't believe his own son, Jon Brackenbrook. He orders his guards to find Calder and imprison him. The Captain asks the player to go speak with Jon in the Hunter's Lodge and ask for his assistance with the Blackwolds. The player does find Jon at the lodge.

[edit] The Blackwold's Roost

Jon suggests that the player go to the encampment of Blackwolds in the south and provide a distraction to give the guards of Archet time to prepare their defenses. The player goes to the encampment, but finds only a handful of the Blackwolds. After slaying a few of them, the player goes back to Jon where they learn that Éogan and the rest of the Blackwolds are already making their attack on Archet.

[edit] The Assault on Archet

The Blackwolds are making their attack on Archet from the south. Jon suggests taking the path to the east into the city. The player, Jon and the rest of the hunters make their way from the east into Archet. The player finds that Archet is ablaze and its citizens are running out in panic.

The player comes to the jail where they can hear Calder Cob fighting with the jailor Ned Pruner. His wife, Peg Pruner is franticly trying to find the key to the locked door, but once she finds the key its too late. Calder fleed and Ned lays on the floor close to death. His wife kneels over him sobbing as Ned tells the player he must find Amdir at the Mad Badger Inn and help him. With his last breath he mutters, "That hobbit Éogan wants... and the Captain. I... I saw Éogan... go after 'em! Ye must save 'em...!"

The player does find Amdir at the inn. The player also sees Éogan beyond the flames with some hobbits held captive. The player rushes to a nearby well to draw water to douse the flames. With the path safe, the player and Amdir rush to the Blackwolds, but suddenly Amdir collapses, holding the wound the Nazgúl's morgul-knife made. Otto, freed from the prison by the Blackwolds, takes Amdír as prisoner while the player meets Éogan in combat.

The player manages to defeat Éogan and the rest of his company. The player helps free the hobbits of their bounds. One of them, Mundo Sackville-Baggins, informs the player that Éogan thought he had some sort of treasure that he brought back when helping the dwarves. He informs the player that they had the wrong Baggins. Suddenly, Éogan gets up and flees after learning the truth that he wasn't the hobbit he was looking for. The player does not pursue after him, instead electing to take care the hobbits. Celandine Brandybuck thanks the player for helping him and Mundo. The two of them head off back to the Shire.

The following day the fire is under control, but half of Archet is lost. The player learns from Jon Brackenbrook that his father died in the attack last night. Although he lost his father, Jon thanks the player for saving what they could of Archet.

[edit] Comparison with Published Works

The Bree-land Introduction is set in T.A. 3018.