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This article is about the universe. For the word, see Ea (verb), and for the games developer see EA.

(pronounced [ˈe.a]), the Created World,[1] is the Quenya name for the universe, as a realization of the vision of the Ainur. Thus, Eä is the World that Is, as distinguished from the Timeless Halls of Ilúvatar and the Void, that have no material form.

Ea was conceived in the Music of the Ainur and then visualized in the beautiful Vision that Ilúvatar showed to the Ainur to see themselves what they sang. The Vision showed a World susteained inside the Void, but being not part of it, and developing as having life on its own. As the Ainur desired all this to become real, Ilúvatar brought all this into actuality by saying and he sent his Flame Imperishable into the Void to burn at the heart of the World.

From the Timeless halls, Ea is described as being of "vast halls and spaces" burning with "wheeling fires" and histories unfolding amidst the "Deeps of Time", such as the waking of the Children of Ilúvatar and the Dominion of Men.[2] However its shape, extent and size is not described. Of all Ea, only Arda, the world inhabited by the Children is known.

[edit] Etymology

is the Quenya verb "to be", and was the word spoken by Eru Ilúvatar by which he created the universe.

[edit] References

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