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General Information
LocationNorth of Gulf of Lune, west of Blue Mountains
Major townsForlond
InhabitantsElves of Lindon

Forlindon was a name for the northern part of Lindon, north of the Gulf of Lune and west of the Blue Mountains. The land was traversed by a river which ended on the northern shore of the Gulf; the haven of Forlond was built there, on its mouths.[1] Off its north-western coasts stood the island of Himring, where Maedhros's fortress had once stood.[2]

[edit] History

Prior to the Great Battle the land of Lindon had been part of Ossiriand; afterwards the remnant was called Lindon, split into Forlindon and Harlindon by the newly created Gulf of Lune.[3]

Gil-Galad lived in Forlindon in the Second Age.[4]

[edit] Etymology

The name Forlindon likely means "North Lindon",[5] apparently derived from forn (Sindarin; "right, north") + lindon.[6]


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